These are the words every Home Builder loves to hear.

couple-front-house-under-construction-29654340[1]Don’t let a client with a poor credit score go to the builder down the street.
Don’t turn potential buyers away, ¬†turn them into loyal grateful homeowners!
Remedy Credit Services
Will help you sell more homes to qualified buyers!

We will work with your client to restore their credit to a point that gives them the opportunity to build as much home as possible.

Better credit means more options for them and higher revenue for you. Builders that allow Remedy Credit Services to work with their clients on credit repair will see an increase in home buyers that can qualify. Some Builders pay for our services once the client has signed a contract for their new home. We will give you a realistic time frame for your clients credit restoration. We know that each of your clients will need a custom plan for their own personal situation. We are aggressive! We are realistic! You can have confidence in our results and our integrity.

CONTACT US   today for more information! Together we can help turn potential home buyers in homeowners!