Credit Restoration

Starts Now!

First: We need to do a Credit Analysis

We need a copy of your credit report. Go to to get your Free Report! Be sure to request a report from all three reporting companies. We need them all,  not all creditors report to all three companies.

Second: Spend some time getting to know your credit report.


  • Are there inaccurate or unverifiable statements?
  • Do you or have you had an account with each of the Creditors shown?
  • Do you have good credit that doesn’t show?
  • Is the Social Security Number correct?
  • Are there any names showing that are not you?


Third: Remedy Credit Services Goes to Work for You!

We will take the information you have supplied to us and our expert Credit Restoration Counselors will diligently challenge each negative or inaccurate item.  We will use our proven methods to eliminate the negative accounts that are bringing your score down. First we challenge the creditor, then we communicate with the Credit Bureaus.

Patience is key.  The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives the creditors 30 days to review and respond to our requests once they receive notice.  When you consider time for mailing the request in and receiving the request back it is about 45 days until the account will be reported accurately.  The Creditor must provide proof that the account is reporting accurately.  If they can’t provide proof then they have to remove the inaccurate, reported accounts.

In approximately 45 days YOU will receive the updated information from the creditor. Be sure to supply us a copy of what you receive.  We will communicate with the Credit Bureaus to verfiy the changes have been made.  It may take more than one request to accomplish removing negative inaccurate reporting.  Don’t get discouraged.  This works!

We can’t guarantee that all negative information will be removed, but we can guarantee that if it is inaccurate and unverifiable we will work hard to get the creditor’s to make it right.  It is hard enough in todays economy to keep good credit, no one should be punished for inaccurate or incomplete credit reporting.  That is where we come in!

Don’t wait, better credit could be only 45 days away.

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